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Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Saturday, October 19, 2013 at 10:00 a.m.
At the LDS Church at 4986 South Valois Drive, Taylorsville

Town Council Meeting

Monday, September 30, 2013 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

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Useful Phone Numbers         Top of Page

Police Department:
      Emergency Calls Only - 911
      Crimes Against Property -
      Graffiti Hotline -
      Special Victims Unit -

City Government - Planning & Development - General Information -


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Animal Control - Humane Society         Top of Page

Call Animal Control about:
  • Dogs at large

  • Barking dogs

  • Found or unwanted dogs or cats to be picked up

  • Aggressive animals

  • Deceased, injured and sick animals

  • Animal attacks upon other animals or people

  • Animal bites to other animals or people

  • Animal cruelty and neglect

  • Dogs in traffic

  • Loose livestock

How To Be A Good Pet Owner
The law requires pet owners to follow three cardinal rules for keeping pets:
  1. Do not harm animals

  2. Do not allow your animal to harm another

  3. Keep your animals confined and under control

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a complete list of all of the animal-related laws. The laws listed here have been excerpted and/or summarized.

1. Do Not Harm Animals
It is illegal to act in a cruel manner to animals. Cruel acts are the following:

A. Failure to provide an animal with:
  1. sufficient, wholesome, food; or

  2. shelter and protection from the wether; or

  3. veterinary care to prevent suffering or disease; or

  4. a clean, wholesome, environment in which to live; or

  5. protection from the abuse of other persons.

B. Any person who does the following is committing cruelty to animals:
  1. Abuses or otherwise mistreats; or

  2. Tortures; or

  3. Misuses; or

  4. Overloads or overrides; or

  5. Abandons; or

  6. Exposes to unreasonable danger to health or life.

Committing Cruelty to Animals.
Every person who is cruel to any animal, or causes or procures any animal to be cruelly treated; and whoever, having the charge or custody of any animal, either as owner or otherwise, subjects any animal to cruelty, is, for every such offense, guilty of a misdemeanor.

2. Do Not Allow Your Animal to Harm Others

Determination of a Vicious Animal
If an animal control officer or law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe that an animal is vicious, a hearing may be convened to determine wheter the animal is vicious. If the animal is found to be vicious, the owner must comply with the restrictions of Salt Lake City Code.

Restricted and Prohibited Acts and Conditions - Vicious Dogs:
Vicious dogs are prohibited and may be impounded and destroyed.

Vicious Dogs.
Any dog which, when not physically provoked, physically attacks, wounds, bites or otherwise injures any person who is not trespassing, is vicious. For a second or subsequent violation, the court may order the owner to have the vicious dog destroyed or may direct the appropriate authorities to destroy the dog.

3. Keep Your Animals Confined and Under Control

Dogs, Special Provisions - Running at Large Prohibited
The owner or custodian of an animal must not allow the animal off their property nor upon another person's property without the person's consent.
1. When such animal is controlled by a leash.
2. When such animal is confined in a motor vehicle.

Nuisance (Dog)
A dog owner must not allow:
1. Excessive, continuous or untimely barking, or noise;
2. Molesting passersby, chasing vehicles;
3. Habitually attacking other domestic animals;
4. Trespassing upon public or private property in such a manner as to damage the property; or
5. Allowing the excessive accumulation of animal feces in such a manner as to affect the health and quiet enjoyment of another person.

Restricted and Prohibited Acts and Conditions:

B. Running at Large: The owner or custodian of an animal must not allow the animal off their property nor upon another person's property without that person's consent, unless:
1. The dog is with its owner and controlled by a leash no longer than ten feet (10').
2. The dog confined in a motor vehicle;
3. The dog controlled by a competent and responsible person.
E. Nuisance Dogs:
Nuisance dogs are prohibited and may be impounded.

Additional Laws

Dog License
All gods residing in Salt Lake City must be licensed.

Rabies Vaccination
All dogs and cats over 16 weeks of age, must be vaccinated for rabies by a licensed veterinarian.

Number of Animals
Only four (4) dogs or cats or any combination thereof may reside at any household, unless a kennel license is obtained.

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