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Russ Howell

DateCompetition Event
Mar/Apr?Huntington Beach Mall
Dyno Championships
1st FreeStyle
Others: Fred Flavell
Apr 26-27, 1975Del Mar Ocean Festival           (Featured Contest in Dogtown movies)
Bahne/Cadillac United States Nationals
1st FreeStyle
2nd: Skitch Hitchcock, 3rd: Bob Mohr, 4th: Bruce Logan, Others: Ty Page, Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Paul Engh
Spring 1975Los Cerritos Mall - Dyno
1st FreeStyle / 2nd Overall
Others: Jay Adams
May 17. 1975Santa Barbara City Championships
1st FreeStyle
2nd: Bruce Logan, 3rd: Torger Johnson, Others: Tom Sims, Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, Jay Adams
May 24-25, 1975Huntington Pier City Contest
1st FreeStyle
2nd: John Denny, 3rd: Chris Cahill, 4th: Tom Waller
June 22, 1975Cal State Northridge
2nd FreeStyle
1st: Tom Sims, 3rd: Mark Boden, Others: Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Ty Page
Jul 3, 1975Long Beach Arena City Championships
1st FreeStyle
Jul 20, 1975Steve's South Bay Contest
2nd FreeStyle
1st: Torger Johnson, 2nd: Russ Howell, 3rd: Skitch Hitchcock, Others: Andy Pryciak, Stacy Peralta
Summer 1975?Southern California State Championships
Orange County Fairgrounds
1st FreeStyle
2nd: Bob Mohr, 3rd: Tom Sims, 4th: Bruce Logan, Others: Ty Page, Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva
Sept 7, 1975San Diego Stadium World Contest
2nd FreeStyle
Others: Tom Sims, Bruce Logan, Bob Mohr, Skitch Hitchcock
Sept 20-21, 1975Los Angeles Sports Arena
World Championships
Top 5 FreeStyle
1st: Bruce Logan, 2nd: Tom Sims, 3rd: Stacy Peralta, Others: Jay Adams, Roy Jamison
1975Ventura Skate Palace Contest
(Roller Skating Rink)
1st FreeStyle
Jun 19-20, 1976New York Nassau Coliseum World Contest
1st FreeStyle
Others: Steve Cathey, Gary Kocot, Skitch Hitchcock, Torger Johnson, Bruce Logan, Bob Mohr, Ed Nadalin, Tom Sims, Gregg Weaver, Mike Weed
Sep 4-5, 1976Long Beach Arena World Championships
Top 5 FreeStyle
All The Top World Competitiors Attended
1977Long Beach Arena World Championships
1st 360's
All The Top World Competitiors Attended
1978Canadian Invitational
Calgary Stampede - Skatopia
2nd FreeStyle / 1st 360 Spinoff
Aug 5, 1984NSA Summer Series Contest
Embarcadero/San Diego
8th FreeStyle
1986Canadian World Championship
Vancouver World's Fair
3rd Place 360's
1996?Boise StreetStyle Contest
4th Place StreetStyle
July 2003Long Beach Convention Center
1st Place World 360 Championship
May 2013Vancouver, Canada World RoundUp Freestyle Championships
1st Place 360 Event
May 2014Vancouver, Canada World RoundUp Freestyle Championships
1st Place 360 Event
May 2015Vancouver, Canada World RoundUp Freestyle Championships
3rd Place Legends Freestyle Event

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