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Coaster Carts

I used to live two blocks from the ocean during most of my younger years. There was a a long winding road that led off the cliff down to the parking lot. We used to build Coaster Carts made out of scrap plywood and skateboard parts. Our current Coaster Carts use pneumatic air tires for more speed. Good Coaster Carting hills can be found anywhere. It is best to ride down grass hills and reduce the danger of road rash. They cost about $35 to build. The front axle is attached to the body of the cart with a single bolt so it can turn. The back axle is fixed with two bolts. Rubber tires grab well, but for an added thrill, plastic wheels off a Big-Wheel Toy will allow you to slide at high speeds.

I use solid steel axles all the way across. The axles are drilled at the end and a pin is used to keep the wheels on. The wheels have good bearings so an axle sleeve isn't necessary. I used split-axles on another Cart that used old plastic wheels I took off a Big-Wheels Trike. Beware of using these type of wheels because they will hydoplane after 10mph on a grassy hill. Whatever end of the Cart has the most weight will swing around to the front (similar to snowboarding). The plastic wheels offer a new challenge if you're looking for that. The Cart will roll better over grass with wheels that have more surface area. The smaller skateboard wheels dig into grass and won't roll as fast. A tip to keep in mind is make all your cross-members with axles and wheels drilled the same so you can swap them between Carts in case a wheel breaks. I usually take some extras with me when we go sliding. Let me know what you come up with. It's good to hear of someone else who is excited about these Carts as I am. This is something that I have been doing with friends since I was a little kid. Salt Lake City has some awesome grass hills that will scare you. It's especially fun to invite spectators to try the Carts and watch them slide for the first time. Sharing fun with others multiplies the enjoyment.

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Water Balloon Launchers

We used to build water balloon launchers as kids by using the inner tubes out of our bicycle tires and using plastic containers for the pockets to hold the balloons. These early designs required three people to launch: two to hold the elastic tubes and another person to pull back the container holding the balloon. The elasticity wasn't very good

My Water Balloon Launchers come in four styles:
  1. 80-Yard Distance - One person use, least distance, most accuracy

          Download Construction Instructions

  2. 100-Yard Distance - One person use, mounted on a rolling platform, easy for small kids to use, high accuracy, placed on rolling platform for easy mobility.
          Photos Shown Below.

  3. 120-Yard Distance - Three person use, good for team wars
          Not Shown.

  4. 200-Yard Distance - One person use, Most distance, least accuracy
          Not Shown.

The elastic chords can be purchased from most medical supply stores. Be sure to use the right diameter and length for best results.
1 / 4, Wall Thickness = 3 / 32, Length = 52 (Each Strap)

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Human Mouse Wheel

Why not surprise your child with a one-of-a-kind backyard recreational creation?

This Ten-Foot Giant Human Mouse Wheel was built to fulfill a childhood "Bucket List" dream. It works great and everyone who steps on it laughs along with everyone else watching. We have had up to four people running on it at the same time. And yes, it is possible to go all the way around. There are other options possible with this wheel, but you will have to come see it to realize the full potential.

  • Base Support: Width: 53.0" x Length: 8'2"
  • Wheel: Width: 48.0" x Height: 10'3"
  • Number of 2x4 Crossbars (3.5 lbs each): 29 / Weight = 101.5 lbs.
    Number of 2x6 Crossbars (5.5 lbs each): 35 / Weight = 192.5 lbs.
    Total Weight of All Crossbars = 294.0 lbs.
    Approximate: Weight of Each 10-Foot Metal Ring = 75 lbs. / Weight of Both Metal Rings = 150 lbs.
    Approximate: Weight of Entire Wheel = 444 lbs.

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