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Metal Skate Poster Found On eBay

Where It Began

Russ Howell - Salt Lake City - 2012

1966 - Russ Howell Surfboards


1975 Del Mar U.S. Nationals Poster

1975 Del Mar U.S. Nationals Slalom Ramp

1975 Del Mar U.S. National Championships
Russ Howell - 1st Place FreeStyle

1975 Australian Magazine Tracks Interview

1976 Long Beach FreeFormer World Contest Poster

This Poster Is Available For Sale

FreeWheelin' Movie Poster

July 1976 - Russ Howell - Anaheim Stadium Beach Boys Concert - One-Hand Handstand

July 1976 - Russ Howell - Anaheim Stadium Beach Boys Concert - Handstand Ollie

Russ Howell - 1976 - High Jump - 4ft 3in

Wild World Of SkateBoarding - 1977 - V1N8 - October - Cover

1977 Book On SkateBoard Techniques - Published In Australia

SkateBoarder Magazine Ad - 1978 Sep V5-N2 - Page 162

The Howell Skate Team Van

SkateBoarder Magazine Ad - 1977 Jun V3-N5 - Page 130

Wild World Of SkateBoarding Cover - 1977 Oct - V1 N8

SkateBoarder Magazine Ad - May 1978 - V4-N10 - Page 178

SkateBoarder Magazine Ad - Russ Howell & Ed Nadalin - PowerPaw

R.A.C.O. Signature Skate Decks - Desiree VonEssen - Russ Howell - Waldo Autry - 1977/78

Russ Howell Signature R.A.C.O. Wheels - 1977/78

Wild World Of SkateBoarding Cover - Russ Howell & Steve Day

1977 Canadian National Skateboard Tour, Banff

1979 Canadian National Skateboard Contest, Vancouver - Russ Howell and Monty Little

1979 Canadian National Skateboard Contest, Vancouver - Russ Howell and Monty Little

1979 - Skatopia ID Card - Russ Howell

2003 - Russ Howell's Boise, Idaho Backyard Skate Ramp

Wallpaper-RussHowell-OldSchoolSkatersOvalLogo-1024x768.jpg (442kb)

Wallpaper-RussHowell-SurfSkateWebSite-1024x768.jpg (326kb)

SkateBoarder Magazine Cover - 1975 V2-N1-Summer

Downhill Skater

1975 Cadillac Wheels Poster
Gregg Carroll Posted The Following On Facebook - December 19, 2012

Came across the following narrative along with a picture of the record jacket for the soundtrack to Skaterdater and thought it was kinda cool! I didn't know Mike Curb was such a heavy in the recording industry and he also went on to become Lieutenant Governor for California..... "This was the first ever skateboarding movie filmed in California in the summer of 65 it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Film and is effectively a silent movie having no actual dialogue. The soundtrack does the talking and what a soundtrack it is! The music was by Mike Curb and Nick Venet. Curb went on to produce for Sammy Davis Jr. amongst others, had his own band The Mike Curb Congregation, ran Hitsville Records for Motown and also became president of MGM and Verve Records (blimey!). Venet (who died in 1998) went on to sign the Beach Boys for Capitol Records and produce a number of their early releases. He also produced The Walker Brothers, Sam Cooke, Lou Rawls and Linda Ronstadt alongside a myriad of other artists."

Roller Derby SkateBoard - Steel Wheels

Hobie - Super Surfer Model

Hobie Super Surfer & Box
I remember walking into the Savon's Drug Store
in downtown Long Beach when I was a young boy
and seeing that Hobie board on the shelf.
The price tag was $9.95; way too expensive for my family to afford.
I settled for another generic board that was around $5.
I finally got to ride for the Hobie Team at the 1975 Del Mar Nationals
where I won 1st Place in the Freestyle Competition.
Good memories...
Thanks to Jim Comstock for this photo!
Thanks to Dennis Allgeier for his generous gift of this board on my 60th Birthday!

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