This CD Is No Longer Available

My motivation to create the Skateboard Magazine CD was to provide other skaters with archived information about the Sport of Skateboarding. The CD project took eighteen months to create and only sold a few copies (most were given away as complimentary gifts to Old School Skate friends). I have always tried to maintain a high sense of morality and honesty when serving the sport of skateboarding during the past fifty (50) years. Many Old School Skaters knew of my Skate Magazine Collection and would frequently ask me to scan specific pages and e-mail the images to them. I decided to scan all my skate-related items (magazines, stickers, posters, etc.) and create a single source for these images of the 1970s era Skating Scene.

I am removing the availability of it. I apologize to anyone who may have been offended by this product due to using their image(s) without permission. I also apologize to anyone who missed out on the opportunity to acquire these images and regain a part of their treasured past.

When I was a very young boy, I always filled my pockets with my most highly treasured possessions so I could share them with friends at school. Not everyone feels that sharing is a philosophy to embrace.

'Poverty is not the diminishing of one's possessions, but rather the increase of one's greed.'

Please accept my apology,
Serve The Sport In Everything You Do!
Russ Howell

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